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There are mainly two different ways you can pay for the orders: cards
2.western union;

If you have any questions, please contact us by any ways that you prefer Email,MSN, SKYPE, our online sales,etc..

please feel free to contact Thanks

1) Pay by credit cards: provides a credit card payment gateway allowing you to clear all major credit cards against very competitive rates. We provide reliable Merchant Account Services. If you use the credit card payment, you will benefit of a substantial sales increase, as well as lower costs. credit card payment offers these solutions in integrated packages that will perfectly adjust to your company requirements, in any field of work. We processes for both low-risk and high-risk merchant accounts. We set your rates as determined by your type of business. "Low risk" businesses such as web hosting qualify for a lower rate, whereas a "High risk" business such as pharmacy merchant account have higher rates. A business is generally classified as high risk when both its chargeback potential and the likelihood that it will shut its doors and disappear over-night are considered high based on the history of that type of business. Whether a business is considered high-risk by credit card company and our banks depends on  many variables. For high volume merchants we provide XML API interface for direct credit card transactions processing.

2) Pay by western union

Use your Credit Card or Debit Card to pay with Western Union.You can get 10% discount.


Please transfer payment on Western Union Website: It is very convenient pay by western union, because we can receive your payment within 5 minutes and send out your parcel quickly. Also in some area, the commission for western union is lower than PayPal.Can contace us by email.Thanks.



After you made the payment by western union, please kindly inform us the  following information:

a. MTCN(money transfer control number);
b. Sender's Name;
c. Transfer Country;
d. Amount of Transfer.

And also please make sure that you put the right information on the western union bill, like your first name, middle name, and last name. This is important. For sometimes, some information you write for your local western union office is not match with ours.We want to remind all customers that they are responsible for all local western union handling fees, or we will fail to ship out items.Our western union details will be shown on Proforma Invoice.

You can feel free to contact our servicer to get the information about our account of Western Union via email.

We always can offer you free and unreserved return policy,After we receive your payment, we will send your product in 8 hours. 5 days delivery to your local area .We hope that our company's services satisfy you.